DIY Princess Crown

diy princess crown

diy princess crown

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I want to share this easy DIY project that I made for my two year old niece. I made a DIY Princess Crown (patriotic themed) to wear this holiday weekend! She loved this and wore it everyday, while repeatedly saying, “Happy Birthday America!” This crown can be easily made to fit any type of theme, holiday, celebration, or party. I only spent a dollar for this project, and all supplies can be purchased at the dollar store.


  1. Wire Party Garland: I purchased mine at Michaels in the party section. This can also be found at the dollar tree.
  2. Ribbon: I raided my craft supplies for ribbon that matched my color scheme. Using several different types of ribbon adds nice texture to the look.

diy princess crown wire party garland ribbon

The crown is made by wrapping the wire garland in a circle that is the appropriate size for your child’s head. Once this is completed, tie the ribbon in knots around the garland on one side of the circle. I hope you give this project a try for your next party or celebration.

diy princess tiara


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