Rainbow Craft for Kids

Rainbow craft for preschool kids door hanger craft
Rainbow Craft Door Hanger

Happy Spring! Today I’m sharing a rainbow craft that your child can hang on their door at home to welcome Spring. My class has been talking about the changing weather and how we are entering the season of Spring. The children are fascinated by rainbows. Before creating this craft, we read the story “Mouse’s First Spring”. In this story a young mouse is introduced to all different signs of spring. After reading we talked about how it rains frequently in Spring to help all of the trees, flowers, and plants grow. A rainbow occurs when it rains, and then the sun comes out. The sun shines on the raindrops and creates a rainbow. The children also learned that a rainbow’s colors always appear in the same order. They were very excited to start the art project, as they LOVE to paint!

Materials Needed:

  1. Paper Plates- cut in half
  2. Tempera paint in desired rainbow colors
  3. Small paintbrushes
  4. Ribbon scraps
  5. Tape

For this project, I precut the paper plates in half. I also drew five round lines with a pencil so that the children had a guide for where to paint each color. The children painted their paper plates, some preferring to use a different color order. We allowed them to dry. The children picked five ribbons to hang on their rainbow. This encouraged the children to practice counting. We used tape to adhere the ribbons to the back of the paper plate. A hole was punched at the top, and we tied a ribbon to use as a hanger. The children really enjoyed this art activity and it was very easy to prepare!

Vocabulary: rainbow, Spring, ribbon, weather, season

Benefits of activity: creative expression, fine motor practice, color recognition, scientific inquiry, language and literacy development, story retelling, counting, sequencing





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