Valentine Heart Watercolor Art

Process Art in the Month of February for Preschool

When planning opportunities to explore art materials I prefer projects that allow each child to use creative freedom. If possible I try to stay away from cookie cutter art pieces. My preschoolers really enjoyed creating this watercolor art project that incorporated Valentine’s Day. This was the first time they used watercolor paint in combination with oil pastels. They first proceeded to dive right into the painting aspect,but once they realized how beautiful the two media combined together they were hooked!

Preschool Valentine Art
Preschool Watercolor Art


1. Oil pastels (purchased at Michaels)

2. Watercolor (Michaels has a great brand that lasts all year- look for a 50% off coupon in weekly ad)

3. White construction paper

4. Various colors of construction paper

5. Scissors

6. Glue stick

Oil Pastels and Watercolor purchased from Michaels Stores

The children began by tracing a large heart onto white construction paper. We then talked about different types of shapes that could be drawn on the heart using oil pastels (straight lines, wavy lines, shapes, symbols). After drawing on the heart with oil pastels they added watercolor and the effect was beautiful! Once dry the heart can be cut and glued onto colored construction paper. I especially love how all twenty-four hearts are completely unique!

Vocabulary: oil pastel, watercolor, heart, Valentine, love, zigzag, wavy, line

Benefits of Activity: following directions, sequencing, fine motor skill practice, recognition of different shapes and colors, social-emotional discussion of love, friendship, and kindness

Preschool Watercolor Art Project
Watercolor Process Art for Preschool




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